Workshop. See who uses MLXT products and how they use them.

Need some help for some drills?

Hereunder you will find links to social media accounts of Trainers, Coaches & Players using the (patented) MLXT skills training products.This will help you understand the endless possibilities on how to use our products and you can then replicate or conceive your own drills.
We encourage you to connect/contact with those you believe are useful to you and seek advice from them or even attend their on and/or offline courses when and/or where available.

If you are a Trainer / Coach using MLXT products and want to be in our list please contact us at or via our Instagram

Joshua Villarreal JV_Training




 Laverne Jones (MadSkills)





Malik Rashid  


















This is just a beginning, many, many more will keep coming and you'll see them here ! 






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