About us

(The real story of the #FootworkMat at bottom of page)

MLXT creates the world's most innovative training tools, used from kids to NBA All-Stars.

MLXT LLC was founded in September 2018.

At MLXT, we invent, design, develop, produce and market sports and more specifically basketball skills training products for players and trainers.

Individual training is of great importance for athletes and specifically for basketball players and has an effective role in their development. There are so many skills that one can and has to work on for an optimised basketball game. If you want to improve your dribbling, shooting, jumping, passing, speed, and so many more facets of your game and you want to become a really good basketball player then you better work and improve your skill set first. That is why you should have different workout options and start to acquire some basic types of equipment to help you on your journey to success.

As the MLXT family, we continuously work to improve and strengthen training options. Apart from the usual basketball training offerings, we always try innovate and come up with new products/systems. For those reasons don't be surprised to see more innovations and new products or improved versions of current products coming soon. 

Finally, if you are looking for tutorial videos please go to our Tutorials section and connect with any trainer/coach/player using our training tools and ask for advice. That said, we can also send your information to specific trainers out there who we recommend and who exactly know how to use our training tools and who can definitely help you train with more efficiency.

Iwan Postel
Founder MLXT


Now, it’s about time to tell you the real story behind the by MLXT patented #FootworkMat.


The Footwork Mat was invented and developed in 2019 by Iwan Postel, now sole owner of MLXT, and initially meant to be used with Footwork Training Systems .

Between 2019 and 2021, dozens of different versions of the FootworkMat were developed and tested under Iwan’s (behind the scenes) leadership at MLXT. And not just the Footwork mat… (more coming soon)

After more than two years of continuous development and after consulting countless number of players and listening carefully to the advice given and requests made by multiple Skills trainers (and not just one), MLXT is proud to present you the ultimate version of the Footwork mat; the SkillMat.

Not just a footwork training mat but a complete Skills Training Mat.  

This Ultimate SkillMat is a one-size-fit-all Skills Training Mat, it’s 40% larger than the current Regular Gripmat but respects the importance of continuity in its design.

We’ve partnered with multiple ambassadors. They will receive personalized SkillMats without any investment! SkillMats will bear their QR code (again iwan…) making it the first real interactive mat.

A mini version of the SkillMat, exactly half the size and half the price, will be available for kids but will also be ideal for the fitness sector. 

The SkillMat design is patented and is a 100% MLXT exclusive!

MLXT mailing address: MLXT LLC, 16192 - Coastal Highway - Lewes - Delaware DE-19958 - United States