MLXT: Elevate Your Basketball Game

MLXT isn't just a training program, it's a philosophy. We believe that with the right dedication and expert guidance, anyone can push their basketball skills to the limit. At MLXT, we're a team of passionate professionals dedicated to helping athletes of all ages and abilities achieve their basketball dreams.

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Camp de basket Joshua Villarreal

Élevez votre jeu lors du camp de basket-ball inoubliable à Istanbul : du 14 au 19 novembre 2023 !

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Summer Jam in Las Vegas 🇺🇸

Calling all elite young ballers (ages 11-18) ready to dominate the court this summer! MLXT's Las Vegas Summer Basketball Experience is a game-changer, designed to push your skills to the limit and prepare you for basketball greatness.

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20+ Games in 20 days