2022 Ultimate & Mini SkillMat(s) (pre-orders)

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This is the latest evolution of the by MLXT patented FootworkMat. Respecting continuity in its design and in line with the continuous progress in delivering the best Footwork Training Mats that have ever existed, we are proud to present you with the MLXT Ultimate "SkillMat" and its MINI version (half-size, half-price) with the best anti-slip technology, made of different rubber, PVC and other PU materials.

Do you want to become an ambassador for MLXT and have your logo on our SkillMats? Contact us at info@mlxt.shop (See a sample of an ambassador's SkillMat below)


At MLXT we've always had a passion for basketball Skill Workout products and specially for footwork improvement solutions. In 2019 we invented the #FootworkMat and we are now feeling honored to present you with this evolutionary version we've baptized the ultimate "SkillMat".     

This MLXT FootworkMat, the "SkillMat" (because it simply is a Mat to train all your Skills) is now available for you to purchase in 2 different sizes and for multiple purposes.

The SkillMat is the fruit of 2 years of continuous development that included listening to what our users (Trainers, Coaches, Athletes & their parents) were telling us and recommending for even more optimized results. We can now truly say that the MLXT footwork training revolution is real and is global!

This new SkillMat has 2 QR codes that will directly connect you to our MLXT shop and/or with your favorite trainer for drills and tutorials on how you could use your skillMat best.

We've partnered with several basketball organizations and trainers who have become our first brand Ambassadors. You can thus soon opt for a SkillMat with the colors of your favorite trainer. You will find the list of our MLXT ambassadors on our website and in the selection of your SkillMat when you order. 

The "Ultimate" version: 40% larger than our previous MLXT Regular Gripmat, this version has been specifically developed by and for players, coaches and trainers who want to optimize their training sessions sessions and for that reason we now also personalize these SkillMats with the logos of our ambassadors (contact us). 
(11 lbs. 50 x 35 x 0.12‚ÄĚ or 5.2 kg 128 x 89 x 0.3cm).

The "Mini" version: This "half-size half-price" version of the Ultimate SkillMat is 
perfect for young kids to test their appetite for Skills Training in general and specifically learning the basics of Footwork. But maybe even more important, we expect this version to enter all the fitness and core training spaces around the globe with specific drills provided by our/your fitness trainers, using all the accountability references a SkillMats offers. (6 lbs. 35 x 25 x 0.12" or 2.6 kg 89 x 64 x 0.3 cm)


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The current Regular Gripmats are available and shipped within 2-3 Working Days (The Ultimate and mini SkillMats will arrive last semester 2021)